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Fideres assists institutional investors every step of the way during the life cycle of their distressed assets.


  • Transaction and documentation review
  • Pricing of securities and derivatives
  • Custom-built valuation models
  • Sensitivity and scenario analysis


  • Risk mitigation strategies
  • Evaluation of exit strategies or recovery strategies
  • Portfolio and asset restructuring


  • Damages estimation
  • Expert evidence
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Fideres has been retained as consulting expert or expert witness by top litigation law firms in the UK and North America.


  • Technical investigation into claims, damage estimates
  • Produce economic evidence for pleadings


  • Assist on reply to defence and pleadings amendments
  • Assist with data and document discovery
  • Expert evidence and reports


  • Testimony
  • Deposition and trial assistance
  • Assistance in questioning evaluations and opinions of opposing expert
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Fideres provides support to regulatory bodies conducting investigations into alleged financial markets manipulation and other regulatory breaches.

We regularly contribute to the debate for the reform of the financial system by providing our input into regulatory consultations, parliamentary enquiries and industry bodies.

An example of our work can be seen here where we advise the Financial Stability Board with regards to foreign exchange benchmarks.

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ERISA plan administrators and fiduciaries

Fideres assists 401k plans administrators and their fiduciaries to determine whether it is “prudent” for a 401k plan or other employee saving scheme to invest in the employer’s own stock.

Fideres’ report provides fiduciaries with an efficient, objective and cost effective way to monitor stock-specific market efficiency. Market efficiency is tested by monitoring a number of parameters, including:

  • Event study
  • Autocorrelation
  • Stock bid/ask
  • Short selling activity
  • Market depth – market makers
  • Stock price volatility
[Fideres'] work product is of high quality, and their inclusion in the team adds value for our clients.

Audrius Zakarauskas, Partner

Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan