Fideres offers opportunities to highly motivated and ambitious individuals of all backgrounds and levels of experience who display evidence of outstanding ability and have a track record of exceptional accomplishment. We provide a creative and up-beat working environment that encourages innovation and forward thinking to individuals who want to make a difference.

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A fast growing business

We are a rapidly growing, highly specialised consulting firm bridging the gap between the financial and legal sector. We are the European leader providing expert consulting services to law firms and investors in connection to business disputes, financial litigation, restructuring, and similar ‘critical’ business situations.

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Coming up with the answer

Our mission is simple: we help our clients maximise the value of any legal claims and statutory or contractual rights they may have regarding complex financial transactions in which they have lost money or which potentially threatens the continuation of their business.

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Diversity fosters creativity

We are excited about bringing on board people with a variety of cultural backgrounds, languages, ethnicities and gender who will bring new perspectives to the team. We believe that a truly diverse environment fosters creative solutions.

We want to hear from you

Fideres is looking for graduates to join the team. For more information on each role, please click the relevant link below:

If you feel that Fideres may be right for you please submit your CV and covering letter to

Every day at Fideres brings me a new and exciting challenge.

Hongjia (Robert) Chang

Fideres Consultant