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We specialise in developing economic evidence that can be used to strengthen the quality of the pleadings.

Through our economic investigations, we make it possible for our clients to plead complex case theories where evidence of market collusion or other forms of wrongdoing need to be articulated at a high level of detail.

Our experience in financial market manipulations and collusion cases have helped us to develop expertise and unique models to deal with large volumes of data and opaque market structures.

We have a long track record in investigating complex anti-trust cases. In such cases we have developed an unprecedented capability in identifying collusion markers and analysing 'plus factors'.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our advice and we strive to produce work which is precise and easy to understand.

Examples of recently published research notes:

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[Fideres'] work product is of high quality, and their inclusion in the team adds value for our clients.

Audrius Zakarauskas, Partner

Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan