Law firms

Fideres has been retained as a consulting expert and expert witness by top litigation law firms around the world.

"Fideres provided us with innovative quantitative analysis that was critical for building this CDS anti-trust case against major dealers. In addition to using their financial expertise to quantify the amount of damages, they clearly briefed me and my team on the technical aspects of the CDS market. "

Dan Brockett - Partner, Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP

We have helped Quinn Emanuel articulate the damage theories in several class action cases, all of which have survived motion-to-dismiss. We have developed complex damages models for large class actions and opt-out cases.

"Fideres combines top class financial knowledge with a creative approach in order to provide innovative insights into LIBOR. Fideres provides expert analysis that efficiently complements the work of lawyers. They have thoroughly researched and are leading experts on the technical aspects of LIBOR and are professional, reliable and a pleasure to work with."

Philip Young - Cooke, Young & Keidan LLP

Cooke, Young & Keidan are a leading banking litigation-only practice in the UK.

We worked with CYK on the first LIBOR manipulation case in the UK and helped them win a landmark appeal.

"Fideres have gone above and beyond. You have completely surpassed my expectations under difficult time frames. I am very grateful... and your team has brought real value."

Boris Bronfentrinker- Partner, Quinn Emanuel London

We have helped Quinn Emanuel articulate the damage theories in several class action cases, all of which have survived motion-to-dismiss. We have developed complex damages models for large class actions and opt-out cases.

"Fideres demonstrated unparalleled market knowledge and expertise, produced a series of superb reports and were able to brief counsel and present the issues in authoritative but readily understandable terms. Fideres’ expertise and careful, reasoned work have made them an asset for our team and have allowed us to present our client’s case clearly and properly."

Sean Upson- Stewarts Law

Stewarts Law is one of the major UK litigation-only law firms. Since 2012 we have provided Stewarts Law with expert evidence in several high-value tort cases relating to events stemming from the 2008-2009 financial crisis.

"I have always found Fideres to be excellent experts. Their work is thoughtful, accurate and displays their valuable real world market experience. They understand the role of an expert in litigation well."

Sharif Shivji - Barrister, 4 Stone Buildings, U.K.

As a former derivatives trader with a degree in economics from the LSE, Sharif Shivji has an extensive knowledge of the financial markets and banking. He regularly acts in large commercial disputes, especially those requiring a detailed understanding of the financial markets, or issues of insolvency, company or regulatory law.

"I’d like to personally thank you for your support and assistance. It’s all the early ground work that sets up this case. You and your team were essential […]"

Colin Luxford - Australian Securities & Investments Commission

The Australian Securities & Investments Commission is an independent Australian government body that acts as Australia's corporate regulator.


Fideres provides support to regulatory bodies conducting investigations into alleged financial markets manipulation and other regulatory breaches.

We regularly contribute to the debate for the reform of the financial system by providing our input to:

  • regulatory consultations,

  • parlimentary enquires

  • and industry bodies

An example of our work can be seen here where we advise the Financial Stability Board with regards to foreign exchange benchmarks.

I think [Fideres'] damages model that it's developed at this stage [...] is the most sophisticated to date.

Hon. Denise Cote, U.S District Judge, Credit Default Swap Antitrust Litigation, December 5th 2013