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The Bottleneck On Justice

What Do UK Mobile Contract Price Rises Tell Us About The Bottleneck On Justice? Following news coverage on the role of profits in driving UK inflation, including the telecoms price…
Chris Pike
julio 19, 2023

Hello? Is Ofcom There?

Key Points Fideres’s original investigation uncovers anticompetitive and discriminatory overcharge by UK landline providers - which Ofcom has overlooked since at least 2018. Fideres has notified Ofcom of this potential…
Paul Vella
abril 19, 2023

Specs for SPACs

Key Points SPAC IPOs have boomed since 2020, accounting for over half of all IPOs in the US in 2020 and 2021 while often circumventing rigorous due diligence required for…
Robert Chang
marzo 6, 2023