Drug cartels


  • Identify the extent of collusion among pharmaceutical manufacturers in the generic prescription drug market

  • Develop economic analysis on defendants’ parallel pricing, collusive markers and plus factors that help distinguish collusion from competition



Fideres analyzed drug pricing and used quantitative measures to identify potential price collusion using:

  • Structural break tests

  • Market concentration measures

  • Degree of price correlation amongst manufacturers

  • Various other plus factors and collusive markers



  • Fideres identified over 90 generic drugs that experienced an average price increase of 1,350% and showed a similar timing of sales increases between manufacturers

  • We developed economic analysis used for the filing of four novel drug collusion complaints based on economic evidence with total damage estimates in the region of USD 5.2 billion

  • We identified a number of potentially new issues in regards to the role of Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) including the potential conflicts of interest, complex rebate structures and general lack of regulation