Fideres has been the expert on some of the largest European securities cases in history: Deutche Telekom, Steinhoff, Wirecard and Danske.  Our key added value is provided through our dedicated data team who manage the full process of reconciliation and processing of claimant transaction data in order to provide individual claimant damages estimates for our clients. Our multi-jurisdictional experience (e.g. Germany, Netherlands, Denmark) allows us to calculate damages quantum using a range of methodologies and provide expert opinions based on established frameworks from other jurisdictions. Sample cases include: 


  • Deutsche Telekom AG securities litigation, Germany – expert witness appointment to assess damages on shareholders, 151220BXIZB24.16.0

  • Steinhoff securities litigation, Netherland – consulting expert work to assess damages

  • Wirecard securities litigation, Germany – consulting expert work to assess damages, 1542 IN 1308/20

  • Danske Bank securities litigation, Denmark – consulting expert work to assess damages