We identify direct and indirect discrimination behaviors in the public and private sector that lead to economic unfairness. We investigate discrimination bias arising from the use of algorithms, artificial intelligence and pricing policies that cause a disparate impact on protected minorities.

Our original research spans across all major economic sectors and is grounded in solid statistical methodologies. We focus on practices that have a disproportionate impact on subsets of the population that present one of the many protected characteristics such as: gender, age, ethnicity, disability and religion.


Our discrimination practice focuses on the many aspects of the enforcement cycle: from identifying discriminatory conduct, to estimating damages and producing expert reports assessing disparate impact.



  • Original Investigations

    • Producing research that outlines discriminatory practices

    • Assessing disparate impact on relevant protected minority groups

    • Identify digital algorithmic discrimination

    • Discriminatory impact of artificial intelligence

  • Creative Problem Solution

    • Statistical and data analysis to determine disparate impact

    • Address class action commonality issues, where applicable

  • High Quality Expert Work

    • Expert reports

    • Expert witness testimony

    • Merits reports 

    • Plan of allocation and settlement distribution

    • Damages analysis

    • Data analysis

Case studies

Track Record

We have provided expert economic advice in most of the prominent international discrimination cases of the last decade:

  • Pre-paid cards

  • Energy payments affected minorities

  • Landline overcharging