Securities Litigation

Fideres have been at the forefront of securities litigation developments across the globe. We provide a range of services to suit the different legal frameworks where we operate: from standardized market efficiency and event studies reports in the US and Australia, to more customized damages assessments produced using different methodologies in the UK and the EU.


In the US, Fideres have extensive experience in evaluating plaintiff specific and class-wide damages for numerous Section 10b, Section 11 and Section 14 class actions. We have built an efficient infrastructure to model and estimate damages in a timely manner (within 24 hours). We also provide preliminary opinions on damages and merits for case evaluation. 


Fideres is closely involved in many first of its kind securities litigations outside of the US (UK, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, etc.). For these jurisdictions (where there is limited or no established precedence), we provide litigation funders and law firms robust and tested support through all phases of litigation, including book-building, data management, evaluation of factual allegations, damages estimation and expert reports.  


As the impact of the digital sector extends beyond information goods and services into other areas of the economy, civil society groups, firms across the economy, and policymakers are increasingly being forced into action to defend the rights of consumers and firms to participate in fair, open and competitive markets. Fideres is one of the leading economic consultancies working to address misconduct in digital markets through research and litigation. Through our investigative work, we identify evidence of violations of competition law, regulatory rules and consumer protection laws across the jurisdictions in which we operate. We assist law firms and regulators throughout the life of the litigation, from filing to settlement. 

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  • Original Investigations

    • Damages assessment for filing and submission

    • Preparation of quantum particulars for pleading

    • LIFO/FIFO damages calculations

    • Class-wide damages estimation 

    • Quantum report and expert testimony

    • Presentation of transaction data and loss report

  • Creative Problem Solution

    • Event studies 

    • Market efficiency analysis

    • Preliminary damages modelling

    • Estimation of claim values for book-building and arranging of funding or ATE

    • Collecting, reconciling and processing transaction data

    • Managing Q&A with claimants and custodians and data interpretation

    • Secure data storage and access

  • High Quality Expert Work

    • Stock market monitoring to identify abnormal price movements caused by company disclosures

    • Identification of significant price drops following misrepresentations found in the prospectus of listed companies

Track Record