Fideres’s expertise in derivatives and structured finance has led us to being retained as expert witnesses in some of the highest profile cases such as the Guardian Care Homes case in England (the first case alleging LIBOR manipulation). Our experience also includes expert instructions by claimants harmed by the mis-selling of complex financial products and other types of misrepresentation behavior by large financial institutions. We have acted in an expert witness capacity in multiple jurisdictions including: the United Kingdom, Europe, China, Singapore, the United States. Sample cases include:


  • Interest rate swaps mis-selling cases, England – Guardian Care Homes v. Barclays, expert witness appointment, EWHC 3093

  • Interest rate swap mis-selling, England – expert witness report, The Sisters of the Charity of Jesus and Mary v. Morgan Stanley, case no. 2010/960

  • VRDO price manipulation class action, US – consulting expert appointment to identify evidence of price manipulation in bonds market, 1:21-cv-04893

  • Interest rate swaps mis-selling, China – expert witness report, Bright Food v. Deutsche Bank, [2017] EWHC 3543 (Comm) and CL-2017-000326

  • CPPI claim by the Lybian Investment Authority against Credit Suisse AG, Man Group, GLG Partners and others, England – expert witness appointment, CL-2019-000691