Fideres Advises On JPMorgan Precious Metals Spoofing Litigation

Plaintiffs’ counsel Lowey Dannenberg retained Fideres to provide financial expertise and develop a plan of allocation in this financial market manipulation case.

Plaintiffs alleged that defendants JPMorgan and three of JPMorgan’s former futures traders unlawfully and intentionally manipulated the prices of precious metals futures and options though a practice known as “spoofing.” This involved placing multiple fictitious orders with the aim of moving prices in the desired direction. Plaintiffs alleged that this caused harm to traders and investors who traded at manipulated prices.

Fideres provided consulting expert work including identifying potential spoof trades by the defendants, estimating the impact of defendants’ alleged conduct on each affected instrument, and developing a plan of allocation for the Plaintiffs harmed by the conduct.

The case settled for USD 60m in February 2022.

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