Fideres’s Head Of Digital Markets Publishes In New Blockchain Antitrust Book

Dr. Chris Pike, Partner at Fideres and Head of Digital Markets, has contributed a chapter to a new book on blockchain and competition policy. Building on his past publications on the topic for the OECD Competition Committee, Competition Law & Policy Debate, and the OECD Blockchain Policy Centre, this paper focuses less on the antitrust risks posed by blockchain technology, and more on the reasons for optimism, and in particular, why decentralised permission-less blockchains might offer the prospect of radical pro-competitive and inclusive efficiencies, and hence might contribute to a pro-competitive industrial policy. It therefore proposes that governments and agencies be pro-active in exploring whether actions by incumbents and regulators might create barriers to the emergence of a particular type of Blockchain, specifically decentralised permission-less blockchains with platform functionality.

You can find more information on the publication here.

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