Original Investigations

We conduct original investigations to identify wrongful conduct across our areas of expertise. Our structured research approach allows us to identify and study new violations through a variety of sources: news, client leads, anonymous tips, industry insiders. We thoroughly investigate and bottom out any promising leads.

We have developed a thorough case screening methodology that runs through proprietary cartel screens and other quantitative and quantitative analyses to determine the strength of the economic evidence in support of a new case.

We develop ‘plus factors’ analysis, articulate a suitable market definition, develop a preliminary counterfactual model and produce an estimate of damages.

By following such rigorous process, we present our clients a complete assessment of a new matter that can assist them in making a decision on the legal and economic viability of the claim.

Improve quality of complaints

We have a deep understanding of the pleading standards across the jurisdictions where we operate. Our track record shows that early stage, quality economic evidence in pleadings improves chances of lead counsel appointment and motion to dismiss survival. 

Recent court orders in the US have gradually increased the pleading standards, especially in antitrust matters, to survive motions to dismiss. Today, economic evidence is often necessary to address threshold issues such as parallel conduct, plus factors and market definition in price fixing cases.

Law firms, regulators and litigation funders appreciate Fideres's direct style of communication: free from jargon and to the point.

Creative solutions to complex problems

During the course of litigation, we deploy statistical analysis, regression techniques, financial models and other appropriate quantitative models to analyze the conduct and quantify potential damages. 

Our team of data scientists and experts can apply a variety of techniques to harvest and analyze data. We have been involved in a number of large cartel cases where data acquisition, cleaning, safe storing and processing proved to be a key factor in the success of the case. 

Our team of experts, spanning across different academic, cultural and professional backgrounds is the source of our creative and responsive approach to our clients’ diverse needs and solution to the many unexpected challenges that may arise during litigation.