Chris Pike

Chris Pike

Managing Director

Head of Digital Markets

Chris joined Fideres in 2021. Chris holds a PhD, an MA and BA in Economics from the University of East Anglia. Before joining Fideres, Chris worked as a Competition Expert for the OECD where he led the economic thinking on antitrust and regulation within digital markets, as well the role for competition law & policy in delivering inclusivity. He also led a working party of the OECD Competition Committee in developing a new international standard on competitive neutrality and a revision of the standard on competitive assessment (in light of the digitalization of the economy). Prior to the OECD, Chris advised the UK government’s Department of Trade & Industry on the benefits of competition policy, and the UK Competition Commission (predecessor to the Competition and Markets Authority) on digital mergers, retail market investigations and competition cases. He was an advisor to the Co-operation and Competition Panel, where he advised on mergers, market studies and antitrust in publicly-funded healthcare markets, and later became Director of Competition Economics at the UK Healthcare Regulator. Chris is a founding member of the Centre for Competition Policy of the University of East Anglia. He remains an associate of the Centre, a member of various advisory boards at non-profit making organizations, and peer reviews papers for the Journal of Competition Law and Economics & the Journal of Antitrust Enforcement.

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2015 – 2021

OECD, Competition Expert

2013 – 2015

Monitor (UK Healthcare Regulator), Director of Competition Economics

2012 – 2013

Monitor (UK Healthcare Regulator), Senior Economic Advisor

2009 – 2012

Co-operation and Competition Panel, Economic Advisor

2006 – 2009

Competition Commission (predecessor to the Competition and Markets Authority), Assistant Economist


2002 – 2006, University of East Anglia, PhD Economics

2001 – 2002, University of East Anglia, Ma Economics

1998 – 2001, University of East Anglia, Ba Economics

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