We are a team of financial markets and economics experts who bring innovative solutions to complex litigation.

Competition Economics


We identify wrongful conduct in order to allow our clients to take action

Expert Services

We work alongside law firms through all stages of litigation providing:

§  Valuations/damages analysis

§   Expert records

§  Class certification reports

§   Plan of allocation and settlement distribution

§   Expert witness testimony

Forensic Data Analysis

We have years of experience in managing and analysing complex datasets

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Securities Fraud

Event Studies

We conduct financial event studies for security fraud cases to establish causality and estimate price artificially.

We assess damages, on individual portfolios (LIFO/FIFO) and on a class basis using accepted damages methodologies.

Market Efficiency Analysis

We analyse efficiency of the stocks and ADRs using Cammer and Krogman factors to determine any potential issues that may arise at class certification stage.

Expert Reports

We produce expert reports addressing all aspects of securities fraud claims including:

§  Estimation of stock price artificialities

§  Materiality of corrective disclosures

§  Assessment of market efficiency

Plans of Distribution

We support law firms in designing plans of settlement distribution

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Financial Litigation

Market Manipulation

We investigate cases of market manipulation. Previous cases include:

§  OTC markets manipulation

§  Futures and options markets manipulations

§  Financial benchmark manipulation

Product Mis-selling

We act as experts on cases involving the sale of derivatives and structured products. We opine on issues of conflict of interests, inadequate risk disclosure and appropriateness of hedging strategies.

Breach of Fiduciary Duties

We have the track record and in-house expertise to evaluate whether defendants and claimants' behavior conformed to custom and prudent market practice.

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How We Are Different


Our clients gain the invaluable advantage of being the first to receive any new investigations.

We have developed an unprecedented capability in identifying collusion markers and analysing 'plus factors'.

We endeavour to be known for the consistently high quality of our work product.


We strive to provide innovative research on early-stage investigations.

We aim to generate business opportunities for our customers by offering them early access to exclusive research. This gives our clients a distinct time advantage over the competition.


We focus on what matters to our customers: being appointed lead counsel, surviving motion to dismiss and obtaining class certification.

Our reports are clear, precise and to the point.