We are a team of financial markets and economics experts who bring innovative solutions to complex litigation.

Economic Investigations

We use our knowledge to identify wrongful conduct early in order to allow our clients to take action.

We help clients plead complex cases that require a high degree of economic expertise and precision.

Expert Services

We work alongside law firms through all stages of litigation providing:

§  Valuations/damages analysis

§  Expert reports

§  Expert witness testimony

§  Assisting with questioning and cross-examination of other side’s experts or witnesses

§  Class certification reports

Forensic Data Analysis

Our experience in financial market manipulations and collusion cases have helped us to develop expertise and unique models to deal with large and complex data sets and opaque market structures.

We have years of experience in handling, cleaning, analysing and securely storing large amounts of data.


How we are different


Our clients gain the invaluable advantage of being the first to receive any new investigations.

We have developed an unprecedented capability in identifying collusion markers and analysing 'plus factors'.

We endeavour to be known for the consistently high quality of our work product.



We strive to provide innovative research on early-stage investigations.

We aim to generate business opportunities for our customers by offering them early access to exclusive research. This gives our clients a distinct time advantage over the competition.



We focus on what matters to our customers: being appointed lead counsel, surviving motion to dismiss and obtaining class certification.

Our reports are clear, precise and to the point.


Sample of our work

We've designed damages models, produced event studies, and developed market manipulation theories. A selection of our case studies can be found here

Fideres regularly produces proprietary research based on investigations into antitrust and market manipulation. Our recent research notes include:

Please click here to see our other published research notes.