We are a leading provider of trusted financial expertise, helping companies and their lawyers around the world to extract the maximum value from distressed financial assets and related legal claims.


Fideres’ aim is to support our clients to achieve fair outcomes. We believe that the modern financial world is dominated by asymmetry of information and resources: larger financial institutions often have an unfair access to resources and knowledge which makes it difficult for smaller players to achieve a fair outcome in critical situations. We aim to create a level playing field for our clients.


Our experience has taught us that bringing a new perspective to problems often generates innovative solutions. We foster a culture of creativity by also putting together a diverse team that brings together a wealth of different cultural and professional backgrounds. We incentivise the exchange of views and experiences within the company and with external organisations. We embrace new technologies in every aspect of our business.


We aim to provide advice which is simple, to the point, clear and transparent. We provide opinions which are direct and which truly reflect our experience, our results and our beliefs.


We aim to deliver precise, robust and rigorous advice. We apply with discipline our methodologies paying attention to detail in the content as well as in the form of our reports. We respect the principles, rules and regulations we are subject to.
Fideres's diligence in pursuing opportunities and their commitment to achieving results is in a class of its own.

James King, Portfolio Manager

M&G Investments