We provide expertise at every step through the litigation life cycle.

We co-operate with governmental bodies and regulators to promote active industry changes and reforms to fix broken markets and practices.

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We help regulators and governments in:

  • Their investigations of market manipulation or market abuse
  • The enforcement of existing regulations
  • The reform of the regulatory regime
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We bring direct capital markets experience and financial products expertise to our clients to give them the best chance of achieving an optimal outcome for their disputes.

Our core competences are derivatives, structured products and complex transactions.

We specialise in:

  • Technical investigation into claims, asset valuation
  • In-depth background research into products, markets and conventions
  • Gathering of public available evidence
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We work alongside law firms during the trial and pre-trial phase providing:

  • Valuations/damages analysis
  • Expert reports
  • Evidence in court
  • Assisting with questioning and cross-examination of other side’s experts or witnesses
I think [Fideres’] damages model that it's developed at this stage … is the most sophisticated one to date.

Hon. Denise Cote U.S.

District Judge, Credit Default Swaps Antitrust Litigation