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  • On a daily basis, Fideres monitors the top 3,000 stocks in the U.S. for potential cases of securities fraud. We generate a “Daily Securities Monitor” which streamlines identification of potential securities fraud cases. Click here to request a sample.
  • Benefits to Fideres’ clients include:
    • Class-wide damages estimates to identify viable cases in terms of overall class damages
    • Time saving: focus on stocks with statistically significant price movements
  • Fideres also provides online access to event studies and class-wide damage estimates for 10b5 (fraud involving securities) cases on each of the Russell 3,000 constituents. Click here to request access.
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Our investigations focus on technical aspects of failed products and markets, manipulation or market abuse and inappropriate advice or mis-selling.

Examples of recently published research notes:

Please click here for other recently published research notes.

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Fideres has developed a Monitoring Report that can be used by ERISA plan fiduciaries, as part of a process, to determine whether it is “prudent” for a 401k plan or other employee saving scheme to invest in the employer’s own stock.

Fideres’ Monitoring Report provides the following benefits:

  • Complies with the guidelines arising from the Supreme Court’s ruling
  • Has been developed in conjunction with legal experts and has been tested by a leading practice of Fiduciary Services
  • Is an efficient, objective and cost effective way to help perform the fiduciary duties under ERISA
[Fideres'] work product is of high quality, and their inclusion in the team adds value for our clients.

Audrius Zakarauskas, Partner

Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan