Competition Economics

Through our investigative work, we identify evidence of violations of competition law across the jurisdictions where we operate. We assist law firms and regulators throughout the process of litigation, from filing to settlement. We are known for our innovative solutions to some of the thorniest problems in competition economics, and for our expertise in identifying and combining data from a variety of sources.

Competition regimes around the world are in a state of flux. In an ever-more consolidated and digital competition landscape, increasingly sophisticated infractions, shifting standards, and new legislative priorities will affect how markets are defined, how harm is quantified, and who can most appropriately bring a claim. We understand that traditional, cookie-cutter approaches will be a poor fit for the most crucial cases of the coming decade. That is why our clients have come to rely on Fideres’ tailored and uniquely entrepreneurial approach to help them carve out new opportunities, solve new problems, and carry cases through to a successful outcome.

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  • Original Investigations

    • Cartels

    • Abuse of dominance and collective abuse of dominance

    • Attempted monopolization

    • Excessive pricing

    • Exclusionary conduct

    • Refuse to deal

    • Margin squeeze

    • Predatory pricing

    • Resale price maintenance

    • Non-compete and no-poaching agreements

    • Market sharing agreements

  • Creative Problem Solution

    • In-depth industry analysis (e.g. industry structure, flow of goods/services, key players)

    • Market definition and SSNIP test

    • Counterfactual price modelling

    • 'Plus Factors' analysis

    • Parallel price conduct

    • Pricing data monitoring

    • Pass-through/pass-on analysis

    • Demand/supply elasticity analysis

  • High Quality Expert Work

    • Expert reports

    • Expert witness testimony

    • Merits reports

    • Plan of allocation and settlement distribution

    • Damages analysis

    • Data analysis

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