Fideres Announces Its New Creative Advisory Committee

As part of Fideres’s commitment to tackle issues of corporate wrongdoing, we recognize the power of diversity in thought and experience outside of our own team. We recognize the need to tap into informal news outlets, online forums, networking groups and other channels to identify areas where the current economic climate produces inequality, excessive prices, discrimination and unfair consumer treatment. These are the areas where Fideres intends to make a difference, through its investigations, leading to public and private enforcement, when appropriate, through litigation.

To harness this diversity in thought and experience outside of our own team, we have set up an external creative advisory committee to meet once every quarter to brainstorm issues of corporate and financial wrongdoing and present findings to the Fideres team.

Our committee:

Alisha Fernandez Miranda (she/her)

Alisha has dedicated her career to fixing the resource flow to make social impact a more inclusive, efficient space. She is the Chief Executive of I.G. Advisors, a social impact intelligence consultancy that works with companies, foundations, individuals and charities to support them on their philanthropic journeys. Previously, Alisha was the Director of TrustLaw, the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s global pro bono service and managed global community investment at Standard Chartered Bank, where she designed the global expansion strategy for the Goal programme in 21 countries, the largest corporate programme supporting adolescent girls in the world. Alisha is the founder of Not My Style, a sustainable shopping app, and has previously served as Director of Social Misfits Media, Women Win, B Lab and UN Women. She received a Master’s Degree in Gender, Development, and Globalisation from the London School of Economics, and graduated from Harvard University with a BA in Women’s Studies. In her spare time, she enjoys writing and is the author of a forthcoming memoir.

Dr. Jannine Poletti-Hughes

Dr. Jannine Poletti-Hughes is an Associate Professor at the University of Liverpool Management School. She worked as a Financial Analyst at the National Banking and Securities Commission in Mexico before joining the academic sector having obtained a PhD in Corporate Finance from the University of York in the United Kingdom. Her expertise is in corporate governance, diversity on boards of directors, corporate fraud and performance, with a focus on the UK and Latin American markets. Jannine holds a national researcher fellowship awarded by the National Council of Science and Technology, Mexico and her research has been highly commended and prize-winning by the Mexican Institute of Executives in Finance and Ernst & Young (IMEF-EY) in 2015, 2016 and 2018, as well as for the UDEM Adalberto Viesca Sada Award 2019. She is currently a trustee and treasurer for the Society of Latin American Studies (SLAS) and has provided consultancy services on the fairness of drug-pricing to the Markets and Consumer Authority in the Netherlands. Dr. Jannine Poletti-Hughes has been an adviser to Mexican parliamentarians on the business case for gender diversity on boards of directors on private companies and has published widely in leading academic journals.

Katharine Quarmby

Katharine Quarmby is an award-winning writer, editor and journalist. Her non-fiction works include Scapegoat: Why We Are Failing Disabled People and No Place to Call Home: Inside The Real Lives Of Gypsies And Travellers. She has worked as an editorial consultant for organisations including Byline Times, New York University’s Membership Puzzle Project, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and Investigative Reporting Denmark. Katharine also serves as a director of the Society of Authors (2018-) and is a committee member for the Crown Prosecution Service’s External Consultative Group on Hate Crime (2018-). Katharine holds an MA from the University of Cambridge in Modern Languages and an MA from the University of Liverpool in Latin American Studies.

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