Fideres Consults On JPMorgan Treasury Futures Spoofing Litigation

Fideres was retained by Plaintiffs’ co-lead counsels Lowey Dannenberg and Kirby McInerney to provide financial expertise and develop a plan of allocation in this financial market manipulation case.

JPMorgan allegedly manipulated the prices of U.S. Treasury Futures and Options on U.S. Treasury Futures using a technique called “spoofing,” in which they placed orders for U.S. Treasury Futures and cancelled them prior to execution in order to send false supply and demand signals to the market.

Fideres provided consulting expert work including identifying potential spoof trades by the defendants, estimating the impact of defendants’ alleged conduct on each affected instrument, and developing a plan of allocation for the Plaintiffs harmed by the conduct.

The case settled for USD 15.7m in June 2022.

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