Financial Litigation

Fideres is a leading provider of economics and industry expertise for complex disputes in financial markets across various jurisdictions. We provide consulting and expert witness services in a variety of circumstances, including but not limited to: regulatory investigations, economic evidence for claim filing, damages evaluation, discovery, class certification, and settlement negotiation.


Fideres has a long history acting as consulting and testifying experts for various landmark financial litigation, covering different types of misconducts (fraud, mis-representation, benchmark and market manipulation), financial markets (equities, interest rates, foreign exchange and commodities) and financial instruments (stocks, bonds, futures, options and other OTC derivatives). Our expert engagements involve different players in the financial market, including:

  • Commercial and investment banks, broker-dealers, proprietary trading firms

  • Mutual funds, ETFs, Pension funds, hedge funds

  • Securities and commodity exchanges

  • Multinational corporations

Our partners and team of economists have in depth experience and knowledge in providing expert opinions on various matters related to financial markets. This allows us to effectively implement sophisticated models and large datasets with in-house infrastructure and technology.

Fideres provides direct and unbiased advice firmly grounded in the data and factual evidence available to us. Our opinions are formed based on the results of rigorous economic models that are well researched in academic literature. We communicate our ideas and results in a way that is easy to understand and to the point.



  • Original Investigations

    • Identify cases of financial benchmark manipulation

    • Identify instances of market manipulation (spoofing, etc)

    • Mis-selling of financial products

    • Breach of fiduciary duty / duty of care

    • Breach of implied representations

  • Creative Problem Solution

    • Traders’ chatrooms review to identify misconduct

    • Review of trading records to identify manipulative transactions

    • Market practice and market power

    • Valuation and risk analyses of structured financial derivatives

    • Financial benchmark design

  • High Quality Expert Work

    • Expert reports

    • Expert witness testimony

    • Merits reports 

    • Plan of allocation and settlement distribution

    • Damages analysis

    • Data analysis

Case studies

Track Record

We have provided expert economic advice in most of the prominent international financial market cases of the last decade.


  • Gold, silver and other precious metals fixing 

  • VIX manipulation

  • Foreign Exchange Manipulation

Regulatory investigations

  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s investigation into Bank Bill Swap Rate

  • South African Competition Commission’s investigation into FX manipulation

Fund management

  • Closet-indexers excessive management fees

  • Misrepresentation of fund’s liquidity prior to suspension

  • Conflict of interest

Structured product & derivatives

  • Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance (CPPI) mis-selling

  • Constant Swap hedging suitability

Damages modelling

  • Interest-rate swap mis-selling claims

  • Cross-currency swap mis-selling claims

Class certification & plan of allocation

  • ISDAfix expert report and plan of allocation

  • USD LIBOR expert report and plan of allocation