We believe in fair and transparent markets

We believe in fair and transparent markets




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At Fideres we believe in fair and transparent markets. With our services, we create a level playing field for investors, law firms and regulators.

Economic Investigations

We use our knowledge to identify wrongful conduct early in order to allow our clients to take action.

Our economic investigations make it possible for our clients to plead complex case theories where evidence of market collusion or other forms of wrongdoing need to be articulated at a high level of detail.

Expert Services

We work alongside law firms through all stages of litigation providing:

§  Valuations/damages analysis

§  Expert reports

§  Expert witness testimony

§  Assisting with questioning and cross-examination of other side’s experts or witnesses

§  Class certification reports

Forensic Data Analysis

Our experience in financial market manipulations and collusion cases have helped us to develop expertise and unique models to deal with large and complex data sets and opaque market structures.

We have years of experience in handling, cleaning, analysing and securely storing large amounts of data.


case studies

Libor Manipulation

To estimate the amount of suppression of panel banks’ respective LIBOR submissions during and post the great financial crisis and develop a damages model to determine damages suffered by investors.

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