Fideres’s Co-Founder, Alberto Thomas, speaks at the 2023 AAI Conference in Florence

Fideres’s Co-Founder, Alberto Thomas, contributes to the VII Biennial Conference organized by the Italian Antitrust Association (AAI) in Florence, 8-9 June, intervening in the plenary session “Recent developments in private enforcement”.

Alberto’s speech focused on the innovation and the challenges posed by the Italian Competition Authority (AGCM) in the definition of digital platform markets and its impact on international private enforcement against big tech companies. In particular, he brought the example of two recent decisions adopted by the AGCM with regards to Amazon (proceeding A528) and Amazon/Apple (proceeding I842), describing how they innovated the definition of the relevant market and established Amazon’s dominance in the market for logistic and intermediation services (FBA logistics, Amazon marketplace).  Alberto also described how Fideres’s extensive economic analysis was able to replicate the anticompetitive effects of the conduct in Italy, where it has been sanctioned by the AGCM, as well as in other jurisdictions, where private litigation based on the AGCM decisions has been initiated. 

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