Gabriele Bortolotti Interviews Professor Eric Posner

Fideres’s Associate, Gabriele Bortolotti, interviewed Professor Eric Posner, the Kirkland and Ellis Distinguished Service Professor of Law, University of Chicago. Gabriele, who is a University of Chicago alumnus, conducted this interview as part of the American Bar Association (ABA) Economic Ambassador Program, which he now helps coordinate. The program’s goal is to introduce recent graduates of economics programs to a broad range of antitrust and consumer protection issues and to the practitioners of these professions.

Gabriele, who took both Antitrust Law and Advanced Antitrust Law classes with Professor Posner, conducted the interview on behalf of the Unilateral Conduct Committee of the ABA. During the conversation, they discussed the role of economics in antitrust law, labor markets, and artificial intelligence.

You can read the full interview here: ABA – An Interview with Eric Posner

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